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Hot Tubs

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Sport X Line

Prices from £5367.00 plus VAT


Sport X Line Round

Prices from £5761.00 plus VAT





Comfort Line

Prices from £6136.00 plus VAT


Premium Line

Prices from £7904.00 plus VAT





Villeroy & Boch spas are the world's only hot tubs equipped with the patented JetPak System™ of modular hot tub jets. JetPak™ technology delivers incredible power, maximum versatility, and allows you to upgrade your spa's jetting with new JetPaks™, both now and in the future.


JetPak System™

Because of the innovative JetPak System™, Villeroy & Boch Spas are completely customizable and upgradeable, are virtually leak-proof, and are extremely energy efficient.


Villeroy & Boch Spas use 90% less plumbing and we have eliminated diverter valves, which, gives Villeroy & Boch Spas more pressure and more powerful jets than the competition. Villeroy & Boch Spas are constructed using state of the art manufacturing technology and the most advanced and durable materials available to ensure that you experience years of worry-free use.


Cutting edge JetPak™ Technology and unmatched durability and function give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the ultimate reason for purchasing a spa... your well-deserved rest & relaxation!










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